You can't escape bacteria, they are on every surface, in your skin, in your food, in your intestines, and some of them are very bad, you can’t escape them. Bacteria are the best cell every because they can benefit humans in great ways, they can move quickly, and they can also reproduce. Bacteria is the ultimate cell.

Structures of Bacteria

The Bacteria’s structure is very simple, it looks like a tadpole. In order for the bacteria to move, it whips its flagella/tail, then it stears with the little hairs on its body called pilus. They have an oval shape that lets them swiftly move around.

How do Bacteria Reproduce?

Bacteria uses binary fission to reproduce. Binary Fission begins when the bacteria copies its own DNA, then it splits all of its pieces into two. First bacteria would get into an area, where there is a host cell, (A host cell is a cell that multiplies/duplicates DNA.) then it would enter the host cell and start duplicating itself to makes billions of copies of itself.

Asexual Reproduction of the Bacteria Cell

Ways in Which Bacteria Benefit Humans?

They are very useful in research, for an example, they can be used to find the way they live and what they do to help/ hurt us. They also are put in medicines, and they get their DNA changed to fit a human's need for the medicine. Doctors and Researchers and finding new ways to put DNA in bacteria and make different medicine from them. Some bacteria is made in food like bread, the bacteria in bread gives the bread that sour, but good taste. Also in cheese, bacteria feed on the sugars of the milk and it makes cheese curds. They are then turned into solid curds, and then the curds are processed into cheese. And lastly, some Bacteria have the ability to kill other harmful things from your body, for example bacteria helps defend your intestines from bad bacteria getting you sick. It also helps you digest your food. Good bacteria also helps kill other bad bacteria with the immune system by its side. So the good bacteria and the immune system are the police in your body, trying to get rid of all the criminals. (Bad bacteria)


Bacteria can be deadly but also helpful, they have a simple body structures that lets them do complex things, and they're reproduction process happens every 20 minutes, bacteria are the ultimate cell because of all the things I said and when they reproduce, one single cell can make up to 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) other cells.

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