| Introduction | Basic Facts of Amoeba | Why Do Amoeba Live Where They Do?


A cell that has been known for killing people by eating their brains, have finally rose to some people’s attention, and their name is…. Amoeba. Amoeba has swam through the noses of people and ended into the brain canal of the human body and they have slowly started to eat the brain cells. But not a lot of people know the exact thing that this cell does.

Basic Facts of Amoeba

Amoeba basics are quite interesting and not that difficult to follow. The amoeba can range from 0.25 millimeters, to 2.5 millimeters, and can live in fresh and saltwater. The amoeba could can live in humans, animals, water, and sometimes dirt. Amoeba, to live, has to continually have to move and change it’s shape. Amoeba’s can also survive through tough environments.
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Why Do Amoeba Live Where They Do?

Even though amoeba live in almost anything, they have a reason and some things they need and can find in these places. Amoeba is a parasite and eats bacteria, and other sorts of cells. Amoeba have also been known to be able to survive in water as hot as 113 degrees fahrenheit. In the But amoeba’s could also live in our bodies. There have been some cases that the amoeba’s have been able to swim up human noses, and into or brain canal, and eat away at our brain cells. They can live inside humans, and animals, making them basically indestructible in our bodies.