Amoeba’s aren't your typical parasite. They have many features that you probably didn’t know about,you may have not even heard about Amoeba’s. They don’t grow very big for you to see easily, Amoeba’s can be dangerous, especially on where they can live. Amoeba’s have a different way of hunting that you don’t see in parasites you have heard of. Amoebas way of functioning is very different from every parasite, you can say that the Amoeba is a pretty weird parasite.

Amoeba Reproduction

An Amoeba has two different ways of reproducing, one way is Multiplied Fission it’s when the Amoeba splits into two or more parts. The other way of the reproduction of an Amoeba is Binary Fission, it's when the Amoeba splits only into two separate Amoebas, only when the Amoeba splits, they are called daughter amoebas, and when the amoeba, does multiplied fission and produces many cells, you would just say it released many daughter amoebas.

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Where Does an Amoeba Live

Amoebas can live anywhere, where there is shelter, warmth, and food there can be Amoebas. They live in fresh and saltwater, soil, they can even get into your eyes and your brain.
For example, it was the year of 2007, three people in Florida, two people in Texas, and one person in Phoenix, Arizona have died from an Amoeba eating their brain. When those six people went swimming in a lake, Amoebas live on the bottom of the lake because its warmer and safer for them. Just as they got into the water, the water gets into their nose and what they didn't know was that when the water went into their nose the Amoebas were in the water and the Amoebas get into your body they eventually find their way to your brain, and start to become a parasite and eat your brain.
On July 16, 2014, a girl named Lian Kao, did not take out her limited-wear, disposable contact lenses for six months straight and even had them in while swimming. What she didn't notice that an Amoeba got in under her contact lense and tunneled through her cornea's, causing permanent damage, that led to blindness in both eyes.

Amoeba on the Hunt

Amoebas are known for the way they change their shape to move, some people call them shape changers. Amoeba’s have fluids inside of them that flow forward into the pseudopod. A pseudopod is a footlike outgrowth of a cell. Amoeba’s don’t move very fast, they only move about one inch (2.5 cm) an hour. Then the pseudopod spreads forward in the direction of travel or toward the food. After the the Amoeba is close enough to the food, two or more pseudopods will surround the Amoeba’s food. Later the Amoeba will engulf it’s food, where the food is stored in a vacuole, where the food will be digested. Vacuoles are a bubble-like chamber that stores the Amoeba’s food.

What is the Function of an Amoeba


As you can see an Amoeba doesn't grow that big, they have a very dangerous way of living, so I would be very careful on where and how you swim and use your contacts. Their way of moving and eating is kind of a strange way, and their way of function is funny to watch, but is very different, from other parasites you've seen under a microscope.