Amoeba’s do everything themselves and moving on there own. When amoebas eat it's really strange probably stranger than any other cell. Amoebas don’t stay the same shape and they’re always moving even when their eating. But the worst thing ever is amoebas can be really bad for us so we have to be careful but not worry too much because what they do to us is really rare.

Function of an Amoeba

Did you know an amoeba reproduces asexually (by itself).When an amoeba reproduces it splits in half this is called fission ( the act of splitting into two). The amoeba’s nucleus or the center splits in half and goes to the opposite ends of the cell(Ameba moving with its false feet). In a shorter way of saying it is the parent cell divides and produces two smaller copies of itself(“Ameba enchanted learning”). Another function of the amoeba is the way it eats, when an amoeba eats it uses its pseudopod (“pseudopods are temporary cytoplasmic projections of the cell membrane in certain unicellular protists such as amoeba). The amoeba surrounds the food and engulfs it (“Protozoa’’). But that's not all an amoeba’s structure is much more fascinating than the function.

Structure of an Amoeba

An amoeba’s structure is completely different from the function. When an amoeba moves, its shape is constantly changing that is because of the pseudopods also known as false feet, so it never stays the same. Same thing with the amoeba's eating habits when an amoeba surrounds its food its shape is constantly (“ Protozoa”) changing so when it's food gets smaller the amoeba changes its shape until it's done eating then it justs keeps moving. Something else about amoebas is that they have vacuoles, one of the vacuoles is the food vacuoles the other is the contractile vacuole that store water. But do you ever wonder if they can hurt us.

Can Amoeba's hurt us

Amoeba’s can be dangerous to us. Amoeba’s live in places we like the most like mud puddles, warm lakes, ponds, Hot springs, geothermal water sources, Aquariums and soil including indoor dust. If we get any of these things up our nose there is a chance the amoeba entered your body traveling to your brain and and slowly started eating your brain. For example a 14 year old star died because he died from an amoeba attack.Don’t get scared because these attacks are really rare and the way the amoeba enters the body is the nose so try to keep things out your nose. But you do hear things like this.


You should care about amoebas because they can impact our lives in such a way, like that 14 year that died because of an amoeba so you she be aware of it but not be paranoid because it’s rare to be killed by an amoeba. Amoeba’s reproduction system is different from us, amoebas can reproduce asexually also an amoebas eating habits are a bit strange and it’s scary that it can kill but like I said it's something that you don't have to worry about, just limit the amount of water going up your nose.


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