Hands, forks, spoons, knifes. This is what humans eat their food with, Well amoeba eat their food using pseudopods otherwise known as false feet. It is made of cytoplasm, a thick white fluid. It maneuvers into its false feet and picks up its food. The amoeba uses many parts of it’s cell to digest the food but the most important one is the nucleus, it is a powerhouse for the amoeba. Then they split into two when it’s time to reproduce. Amoeba just split into two cells. Over and over again. So amoeba technically live forever! But, amoeba living forever can be a bad thing. Amoeba can be two things. A free-living cell or a parasitic cell. The parasitic cell have a bizarre trait to them. If they get to your brain. They will use it as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Function of Amoeba

Humans and animals are not the only thing that have feet. Amoeba have them to!Pseudopods are the way amoebas get food to eat for energy, they are extensions of cytoplasm, Here is how the amoeba eats its food.According to the article Grollier: Amoeba First, it surrounds the food with the pseudopods. Next the food gets digested with the food vacuole. After that, the contractile vacuole gets rid of the waste left in the amoeba.

Humans may not live forever but, amoeba do! They just split apart. That is their way of reproducing. According to Amoeba reproduce in a asexual way, meaning that one cell makes a duplicate of itself. Amoeba makes a copy of the generic material then splits apart after the nucleus splits. This whole sequence is called binary fission it is when one cell is divided into another cell. So, therefore amoeba don’t die off, they just split and keep splitting forever. If there is ever a situation when a cell is in a place of danger and the cell cannot split apart, the cell membrane forms a resistant wall that keeps the amoeba from splitting and when the cell is in the clear the wall deforms.

Structure of Amoeba

The structure of a human body is made up of cells and bones and many other things but what do you know about the structure of an amoeba cell? An amoeba is made up of two nuclei, a food vacuole, a contractile vacuole and pseudopods. The nuclei is the brain of the cell, it controls what the entire amoeba does. The food vacuole digests the food that the amoeba eats. The contractile vacuole excretes excess water and waste and lastly the pseudopods are the temporary feet that an amoeba uses to walk and also helps the amoeba engulf their food. All of these things are in a at maximum 1 mm but regularly an amoeba is 0.25 mm long, and an amoeba lives in a exoskeletal also known as a calcium carbonate.

Brain-Killing Amoeba

Imagine swimming in a lake, looking above and seeing the sunlight break into a million pieces, then losing you gravity and trying to get back up, but while you are in the middle of that, you breathe in a gallon of water, what you don’t know is that the water you just breathed in could be filled with naegleria fowleri, also known as brain-eating amoeba. Naegleria fowleri use the brain as a food source and eats out the brain. Naegleria fowleri lives in warm lakes, puddles, rivers, pools-untreated, hot springs,and polluted water the only thing that these parasites cannot live in is salt water. “These disease causing organisms are naturally present in most lakes ponds and rivers but multiply rapidly in very warm water- oklahoma state department. Naegleria fowleri are normally 8-15 micrometers wide compared to a strand of hair which is 40-50 micrometers wide. Naegleria fowleri is a dangerous parasite and steer clear from untreated bodies of water and remember. Never breathe in from your nose in a untreated body of water.


Amoebas on the food web are consumers, they eat using pseudopods which are their false feet and reproduce by splitting apart, they also contain of two nuclei, a food vacuole, a contractile vacuole and pseudopods. An amoeba are either free-living or a parasitic cell called naegleria fowleri, if accessed into the human body by the nose it can make its way up to the brain and use it as a food source. But in a way amoebas are important because without them, there would be dead humans and animals everywhere. Think about that.